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We Pay Cash For Junk Cars

We recycle junk cars and tow them for free!

As a buyer of many scrap vehicles, we believe it’s only right to get what we can from a bad situation, and that’s exactly what recycling is. If your car is a mess or just very old, it’s likely it will be recycled and we’re happy to inform you that you will still receive a fair price. A huge 75% of a car can be re-used or recycled and made into new materials. We can even drain the oil and other fluids from the car and filter them to be used again. We’re in such modern times that there is barely a limit to what we can and can’t recycle. Now knowing that, why would you take your car to landfill?

Why are landfills so bad?

Landfills are very harmful to the local environment, not only do they take up huge parts of healthy land but the chemicals released are dreadful. The fumes from landfills are released into the atmosphere promoting global warming, not only that but the chemicals released from decomposing cars have been proven to leak into our water systems. That’s not good for anyone. Our company is trying to stop this bad habit and help the people of Salt Lake City choose a better way to remove an unwanted vehicle. It’s important to us to help the local environment and that’s why we recycle as much as possible from every junk car we buy.

Is my car junk?

It’s very hard to determine whether your car is junk, when calling us we will determine whether you vehicle will be recycled or not. But if you’d like to know beforehand if your car is seen as junk, just carry on reading. A junk car is a vehicle that is no longer seen as useful, for example if your car is unreliable or a non-runner, then it is no use to anyone. Other vehicles that will be recycled are cars that have engine faults, extreme body work or interior damage and cars with a milleage of 150,000 or over. If your car is over 15 years it I generally seen as Junk too, unless of course it is a collectors vehicle and has been well maintained.

If you have any questions about your vehicle and whether for any reason it will be recycled, just contact us and one of our friendly co-workers will let you know.



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