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We buy cars from anyone in Salt Lake City, literally anyone. If you own a car that you’re struggling to sell or you just want a fast sale then contact us now. We not only buy from anyone of any legal age but we also buy absolutely any car.

Even if your car is junk we will buy it. We buy cars with any problems, faulty engines, missing parts, even cars that have been in a traffic accident. Unlike other dealers or private buyers, we’re not fussy about the condition. Of course if the car is in a bad state there will be a little difference with the price but we will not ask you for specific tiny details about the condition. If the car is a complete wreck it won’t be judged on the condition or the parts that can be taken from it, it will be purely based on the weight and size of the material we can use.

It’s rare that we turn anyone away, and that’s the reason small businesses enjoy using our service. A working car such as a taxi or restaurant delivery car is seen as well worn, on the contemporary market no one wants to buy overused cars, which also have company logos. But here at Cash For Cars Salt Lake City, we’ll buy those cars with a bad reputation. Even if they have no value or use to anyone else, in our eyes they’re seen as a lot of materials that can be recycled. Also working people such as cab drivers heavily rely on their vehicle. It’s very important for them to replace a faulty car as soon as possible, so they don’t miss weeks of work. We’re most definitely the fastest way to sell your vehicle; we can even collect and pay within a 48 hour period.

The unusual cars that don’t sell on the average market get sold to us daily. Collectors find it very difficult to gain interest in their unsellable vehicles, usually because of the new car tends. We will of course buy these cars just like any other. We buy all vehicles ranging from large trucks to small a mini that includes SUV’s, Vans and crossovers. Occasionally we buy foreign vehicles, with right hand drive and domestic vehicles. It’s very simple, if you have any car (including the ones we’ve mentioned), we will buy it from you!



"Selling my car to you guys was so simple! I'll be
dealing with you guys again in the future.
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